About us

Pinnacle Corporate Advisory Private Limited is a professional financial consulting firm that specializes in all kinds of advisory services related to business finance, mergers and acquisitions and private equity participation.

The colorful ensemble of professionals within the house include erstwhile CAs, MBAs, bankers, and marketing professionals who form a collective brain share dedicated to the presentation of reliable and result-oriented services.

PCAPL gives total financial solutions by identifying organization needs & satisfy the same by giving timely & cost effective solutions and cater services by organizing funds from local & international institutions both in Indian Rupees & foreign currency. While offering services mainly to SME and Large Corporates, the firm combines synergy of specialized competence and experience of professionals. The Company has been associated with the leading Banks & Institutions since its inception & have successfully completed number of assignments by Raising of Term Loan, Working Capital Finance & Structured Finance for both SME’s & corporates which are engaged in diversified industries such as engineering, textiles, power, food processing, steel, infrastructure & many other sectors.

Our perfect blend of experience and youth helps us stay dynamic and keeps us acquainted with the changing market trends. Our team comprising CAs & ex bankers who have rich experience, plus our exuberant youth together mould their efforts and energies for the betterment and development of our esteemed clients.

PINNACLE believes in standing by its clients through the completion of their promised service until its success with a constant support system that makes them so unique in this industry. The strength of the firm lies in its diligence towards the initiation of a comprehensive planning process, which has the credibility to take care of all your financial requirements.

PINNACLE takes all due measures in initiating a plan that is high on time and cost saving traits, which is why we charge our clients only on completion of our service. The Pinnacle Corporate Advisory Group works with its clients to enable them to make such complex decisions and help enhance the shareholder value.

Our Vision

“To become a leader in the field of Corporate Advisory services”.

Our Mission

“Our Mission is to reach the pinnacle of industry”.
To provide strategic and management advisory with funding solutions of the highest quality keeping in view long term relationships with the clients

To maintain highest ethical standards on integrity, transparency and confidentiality in our business dealings

Our Values


Consistently behaving and taking decisions in an ethical, trustworthy and fair manner.


We aim to strike the right balance between confidentiality and transparency .


We seek to serve the client in a time bound manner.


Thinking and working together across functional hierarchies, businesses and geographies.

Our Team

Consist of seasoned professionals with combined experience of more no of professional and quality services to client ranging from individual, firm, NGO’s to corporate spread across India.

The colorful ensemble of professionals within the house include erstwhile CAs, MBAs, bankers, and marketing professionals who form a collective brain share dedicated to the presentation of reliable and result-oriented services.

Praveenkumar Joshi - CMD Of Pinnacle Corporate Advisory Pvt Ltd.

He has started career with HDFC Bank Ltd in 2004 to 2007. He was looking after all Working Capital Products like Cash Credit, Overdraft, Term loan & Trade Finance etc. He used to source the proposal from market, prepare the credit approval memo (Information of Memorandum of the firm, Financial (CMA) Data & Brief details about the future prospect / project). Use to submit the authorized sanction authority and get the sanction from Credit people. After that formalities of disbursement of working capital products. He has created goo portfolio over the time in HDFC Bank Ltd. In 2007 he joined in Barclays Bank PLC. He handles Trade Finance.
Trade Finance include Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, Overdraft, Project finance, Leasing finance, Export packaging credit, Purchase & Sales bill discounting, After getting vast experience in this industry in 2009. He started “Pinnacle Management” as a Managing Partner.
In this Company He uses to meet the client, understand the requirement of client and arrange the documents as per the requirements from Banks. after that he was in to execution part, liaising with banks to arrange the working capital products from the bank and another was in to sourcing of the proposals. In 2011, He has formed new company called M/s. Pinnacle Corporate Advisory Pvt Ltd. In this they are doing the same business and same role which they were in to Pinnacle Managements. Over the past years he has been successful in providing financial services to various Individuals, Traders, Businessmen, SME Companies, Industrialist, and Many Corporates.

Mrs. Apeksha P. Joshi

She is another director of the company. She has started career with ICICI Prudential as a Unit Manager. She used to sell insurance products through her team of financial advisors. She has learned a lot to motivate the people and run the show. After getting sufficient experience by the help of Mr. Pravinkumar Joshi, She has started partnership concern called M/s. Expert Multitrade in 2008. They are doing the business of Retail Finance like Personal / Business Loan, Housing Loan, Loan against Property and SME finance like CC, OD and TL. She has learned lot in this company, now she is a director of Pinnacle Corporate Advisory Pvt Ltd. She looks after all Retails finance in part time in the Company..

Our approach is creative and participative

  • A unique straightforward practice, in the power of a shared vision and transparent communication.
  • We accelerate your new business/innovation/growth projects.
  • We fill in the resources gap between 'idea’ and ‘result’.
  • We are connected with highly qualified partners to ensure top quality.

Our intention is clear. We want to provide you with the best opportunities in the most efficient manner. Our platform of opportunities is vast. We have the capabilities to allow your business to head in the direction you want.

why us?

  • Affordable Advice

  • Reliable Service

  • Experience & Expertise

  • Most Comprehensive Planning

  • Constant Support

  • Charge on Success of Service

  • Cost & Time Saving Diligence